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Lotis Blue Design can transform your ideas & dreams and help you create the landscape suited to meet your needs & desires.

Explore some of the plans below and the accompanying photos... Then let YOUR imagination run wild and CALL to make your dreams a reality!
Granite Bay Grosvenor Downs
This beautiful half-acre lot in the Grosvenor Downs development in Granite Bay had established olive trees at the back of the lot which blended well with the Tuscan Italian style of the home. A large, classically styled pool and extensive pool decks are the central feature of the yard.

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Folsom the Parkway #1
One of the corner-lot homes in the Parkway development in Folsom, this small back yard includes a large concrete patio and pool. A large patio cover provides shade on the west side of the home to increase energy efficiency and vines were added to increase shade coverage and provide softer lines on the linear posts.

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Folsom the Parkway #3
A mid-street home in the Parkway development in Folsom, this small backyard was designed to provide three outdoor “rooms”.

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